Lombok Culinary

Lombok, a small island is not only reach from culture and art, it is also reach in culinary

Lombok is the direct neighbouring island east of Bali. In Bahasa Indonesia “lombok” means “chilli pepper”. It is not determined yet why the island got its name, but for certain, its favorite foods are surprisingly hot, that are loved by those who enjoy real hot stuff. Among these are : Ayam Taliwang (or Taliwang Chicken), Plecing Kangkung (Stir fried watercress) and Sate Bulayak (barbequed skewered chicken or beef).

These are served at road side stalls to posh restaurants in luxury hotels. But beware of those innocent looking small green peppers, they seem not too hot but are extremely so.

Lombok Culinery ...


Ayam Taliwang Lombok

A tour of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara will not be complete without tasting the local food of Ayam Taliwang. The uniqueness of Ayam Taliwangcomes from chicken that is used, still fresh and young. Beside that, it also can be served as fried chicken, spicy roasted chicken, and also honey roasted chicken. Ayam Taliwang always serve together with Plecing Kangkung with spicy chili sauce and rice.


Pelecing Kang Kung Lombok

Plecing very popular on Lombok as a daily dishes to eat together with plain rice. Plecing kangkung consists of a boiled kangkung (water spinach) seasoning with Sambal Terasi (Special Lombok Chili Sauce) made from grounded fresh red chili, tomato, sprouts, salt, grilled coconut, roasted shrimp paste and lime. It’s taste hot and spicy..


Sate Ikan Tanjung

Sate Ikan Tanjung (Fish Satay) Originally coming from a village called Tanjung – Northern Lombok. Pieces of fresh snapper or tuna mixed with coconut milk, lemongrass, garlic, chilli paper, spices, wrapped onto sate stick and grilled. Easy to find this Satay in Ampenan and Tanjung where the food come from. Usually served separate with young chili.


Lombok, a small island is not only reach from culture and art, it is also reach in culinary which have special taste hot and spicy as well as the island name “Lombok” in Bahasa Indonesia is mean Chili paper that always using in all Lombok food. Not only Lombok Traditional food, other food such Padang food, Chinese food, Betawi food and western food also easy to find in restaurant around Lombok, but still dominated by Lombok food.

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