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Lombok Exclusive

Welcome to Lombok Island, We Provide information about tours and traveling to Lombok island Indonesia, Service with Love, Safe, Fun, Exception, and help you to finding unforgettable and lovely an experience holidays and vacation to Lombok island and beyond.

Travel to Lombok island Indonesia Asia give you enjoy the excellent of nature without phone ringing, no traffic jam, no crowds, no rush, and covered by gorgeous ultimate wilderness nature, smiley natives faces hit you all over the island, amazing scents of fresh green air to be sniffed, all in privately with accompanied by our staff all day for more...

Lombok Exclusive Concept


Our Vision

To provide all of your dreams to be tangible ideas and trips management by do some great activities of adventure vacations. We combine helping locals to meet with you as one of all new world wide friends. Providing an idea to sniff the gorgeous of Lombok exellent nature Island for your new un forgettable experience and provides an idea to make your family or related close for your fortune future.


Product & Service

Provide you Travel Package, Car, Hotel, Guide, Culinary Meals, beyond Lombok Package with Hotel reservations and Services.


Professional Designations

Has more than 5 years experience in doing and handling Lombok and Beyond adventure, also since the year of 2005 have experience in handling and serve inbound travel to all over Lombok travel destinations.

Our Legalitas Permit | Ultimate Surya Tenggara

  • Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak : 03.241.965.7-911.000
  • Surat Izin Usaha Pedagangan : 23-07/2012-07/0931
  • Tanda Daftar Perusahaan :

What we do

We give you a guide to all the best places to visit Lombok and Indonesia holiday destinations, whether your interests are discovering a new culture, action - packed days of diving, trekking, and surfing, or just lazing on a stunning beaches.

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